Small Capital Grant Scheme for
Social Enterprises 2019

What is it?

The Department of Rural and Community Development invited applications under the Small Capital Grants Scheme for Social Enterprises. The members of the Social Enterprise Dublin consortium successfully administered the grant throughout our communities in Dublin. The scheme, which was funded by the Dormant Accounts Fund, provided grants of between €2,000 and €15,000 for equipment, repairs or refurbishments which enabled social enterprises to improve their service delivery.

Only social enterprises, as defined in the National Social Enterprise Policy (see below), were eligible to apply under the scheme.

A Social Enterprise is an enterprise whose objective is to achieve a social, societal or environmental impact, rather than maximising profit for its owners or shareholders.

It pursues its objectives by trading on an ongoing basis through the provision of goods and/or services, and by reinvesting surpluses into achieving social objectives.

It is governed in a fully accountable and transparent manner and is independent of the public sector. If dissolved, it should transfer its assets to another organisation with a similar mission.

National Social Enterprise Policy 2019

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